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One lakh people to be tested again in connection with the Kumbh Mela Scam

Max Corporate Services to be probed into along with two other private labs in connection with the Kumbh Mela Scam

The Haridwar district administration is probing into the alleged fake Covid Tests done by Max Corporate Services and two other private labs at the Kumbh Mela, which billed the UP Health Department Rs.3.8 crores.

Officials said a team of eight has been set up to trace and contact the participants of the Kumbh Mela to have them tested again. According to a report on Times of India, Haridwar District Magistrate, C Ravishankar said that the team was making 400 calls every day and that they also plan to visit some of the addresses mentioned. He also stated that many of the numbers and addresses were forged and fake. He concluded by saying that he believes they would complete the investigation on time.

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