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2021 RECAP — The Golden year for Indian Sports

A recap of India's greatest sporting moments in 2021.

Image Compilation of Indian sports achievers of 2021 

2021 has been a roller coaster for almost everyone around the world. Despite the pandemic, India has not just managed to pull off some medals but also has made historic achievements in sports. Interestingly, a lot of women played a crucial role in bringing pride to the country. This shows us a positive sign of women empowerment in India and appreciation of their abilities by their families and the government. Here are 10 moments in Indian sports that could be cherished forever.


Indian team for the Australian test series Credits — BCCI

On Jan. 19, India won the final Test to recreate history and become the first Asian side to win the back-to-back Test series. During the 4-Test series against Australia, India was coming off a mixed performance, however, they clinched the Trophy-winning 2-1 and one drawn match. Their win put smiles across many faces in the nation of cricket lovers.

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