A crucial regional security meet without the “real” spoiler

Pakistan’s dance with the Taliban began way before Imran Khan and Company landed on the scene; and as the writ goes in that country, Imran Khan is in no position to change the script even if he genuinely wants to.

A crucial regional security meet without the “real” spoiler
Afghanistan's Foreign Minister Amir Khan Muttaqi.

A critical regional security meeting to discuss the situation in Afghanistan is all set to start next week in New Delhi that will see the participation of all principal actors in the area barring perhaps of the usual suspects who are always keen on scoring political points, but points of view are well known in the international community. Even those nations that do not share a land border with Afghanistan are expected to show up in India’s Capital on November 10 and 11 for the conclave of National Security Advisors. And barring a last-minute change of mind Pakistan will not be around; and China has yet to convey its decision on attending.

Indian NSA Ajit Doval

This is not the first time that a regional meet is taking place on Afghanistan, the last two were in 2018 and 2019 with 2020 skipped on account of the coronavirus pandemic. There is now an all-round realization that this 2021 get together is quite crucial given that events in that hapless country have gone around one full circle with the Taliban back at the helm of affairs and with this the usual concerns of terrorism and extremism raising its ugly head and undermining regional and global security. And adding a sense of urgency is the ground situation in Afghanistan where all reports speak of an impending crisis of starvation if the global community does not respond and urgently at that.