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A 'Kuttea' story

Mr. Vijaykumar, a 62-year-old man who sells tea for some extra cash to sustain his small family talks about his unusual life.

The air laced different kinds of sounds and emotions at the Chennai Airport. The sound of the plane landing and taking off with happy hellos and sad goodbyes, people shouting, “Call me when you reach”, to people whispering, “I’ve packed food for you to eat on the plane”, and dogs barking and playing with each other in the car park. Amongst all this chaos, a very familiar soothing aroma isolated every other element in the air and intoxicated the ambience; the fragrance of piping hot tea. An old man carrying his tea flask walked around the car park briskly trying to sell his tea.

Despite his face evidently exhibiting signs of old age his demeanor and stature deceives the eye. Upon taking notice that it was quite late for a person his age to walk around selling tea; In spite of the fact that we were in strict lockdown (at the time of writing), it was evident that he definitely has difficulties in making ends meet and decided to interview him. When he approached me asking if I wanted some tea, I readily agreed. He handed me the cup of tea after which I asked if I could interview him. He broadly smiled and agreed.

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