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A platform for studying abroad Leverage makes its way into the financial services industry

Over 500 bank accounts have been opened due to the company's efforts, primarily for students planning to study in the UK and Canada. The team currently has a headcount of over 30 people, and it plans to hire 60-70 more people in the coming quarter.

Photo by Windows / Unsplash

Leverage, the study abroad platform that owns,, and UniConnect, among other sites, has entered the financial services market with three new products: international remittances, education loans, and international bank accounts.

"Right now, our top priority is remittances; it has a great product-market fit with the student journey, integrates seamlessly with our app, and has grown at a 100% month-over-month rate since the pilot a few months ago." That gave us the confidence to apply for an FFMC license," said Akshay Chaturvedi, founder, and CEO of Leverage. According to Chaturvedi, the company has been in talks with the RBI for the past two months. He said, "We're hoping to get the license in the next few weeks."

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