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A throwback to depravity and barbarism... courtesy Taliban

Deep down Washington and others in the neighborhood know full well that the Taliban is not going to sit down in any power-sharing arrangement

China hopes the Afghan Taliban will put Afghanistan's national interests first, uphold commitment to peace talks, embrace the goal of peace, create a positive image and adopt an inclusive policy. Source: Twitter/@MFA_China

The worst is definitely unfolding in Afghanistan and only the very sick minds can pretend that it is not happening. The government forces are being hammered by the Taliban in major provincial towns of Kandahar and Heart and with this come reports of unspeakable violence being unleashed in the name of so-called revenge killings, all pointers to the scheme of things in that hapless country that has not seen peace or development for decades. Finally taking stock of the pathetic situation on the ground the Biden administration has called for a meeting in Doha on August 11, 2021, to include Pakistan, China and Russia. But that date of August 11 may indeed be too late.

The revenge killings aside apparently the call has gone out for all girls 15 and above to be identified as also all widows of 45 years and below. Just why this section of innocents are being targeted does not need a Nobel Laureate or a rocket scientist to figure out. And all of this is being laid at the doorsteps of the Taliban, a group not exactly known for its progressive thinking or adherence to international laws and conventions.

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