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A UK, India COVID-19 surgery study sets Guinness world record

Co-lead author of paper, Surgeon Aneel Bhangu said the study marks the commitment and hard work of thousands of medical colleagues around the world to understand the changes that are needed in how surgery must be delivered if we are to beat the virus and reduce its impact on surgical patients.

Front-line surgeons, anesthetists and critical care doctors from 116 countries, who made an invaluable effort to the study set-up, data collection, steering and dissemination of the paper. Source: Twitter

‘The Guinness World Records’ title for the world’s largest scientific collaboration has been awarded to a worldwide COVID-19 study led by researchers from the UK and conducted in multiple hospitals including those in India. The universities of Birmingham and Edinburgh now hold the record of ‘Most authors on a single peer-reviewed academic paper’ for a paper which holds the contributions of 15,025 scientists from various parts of the world.

This study was colead by Aneel Bhangu — a surgeon of Indian-origin from the University of Birmingham. It involved 116 countries and had studied over 140,000 patients for research into the impact of the Coronavirus on surgical patients. In India, the study was conducted across 56 hospitals; this is among the largest including Italy and Germany.

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