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Anger and heartburn over an invitation

What should also be baffling is that some observers are bent out of shape that India can be extended an invitation as the world’s largest democracy is showing signs of authoritarianism

President Biden Source: Twitter/ @JoeBiden 

On December 9 and 10 President Joseph Biden will preside over a virtual meeting of as many as 110 countries in what has come to be known as the ‘Summit for Democracy,” a theme that he flaunted during the course of his political campaign in 2020 stressing that human rights and democracy will be critical components of American foreign policy. In extending the invitation to formal allies and so- called friends in the category of democracy, Washington has openly angered at least two major powers and for different reasons.

Tsai Ing-wen, President of the Republic of China (Taiwan). Source: Twitter/ @iingwen

China’s sharp criticism at the virtual two-day meet is not on account of it not finding a place in the invited list; but that its so-called renegade province, Taiwan, has been invited with Taipei saying that ‘Our country’s invitation to participate in the ‘Summit for Democracy’ is an affirmation of Taiwan’s efforts to promote the values of democracy and human rights over the years.” But Beijing who has recently warned the United States that it is “playing with fire” over Taiwan, sees it differently and not in terms of democracy and authoritarianism. "U.S. actions only go to show democracy is just a cover and a tool for it to advance its geopolitical objectives, oppress other countries, divide the world and serve its own interests," Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian told media persons in Beijing.

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