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As one difficult chapter seemingly comes to an end, others open up

Educationists have already started cautioning the government and statutory bodies against coming up with knee jerk remedies without looking at the holistic picture that would include compatibilities of medical education among Indian and foreign universities.

#OperationGanga (Source: Twitter / @DrSJaishankar)

There must be a huge sigh of relief in government circles and among families thatOperation Ganga, an exercise to bring back some 20,000 stranded Indians out of Ukraine, is slowly coming to an end and with a remarkable degree of success.

#OperationGanga (Source: Twitter / @DrSJaishankar)

Most of the airlifted were students, a majority of whom pursuing their medical education at varying stages; and some of them in other disciplines as well. Getting the stranded out of a war zone in Ukraine was not an easy task and that too with an airspace shut down. New Delhi successfully worked it out with countries like Romania, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and Moldova.

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