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Business Expo for women organized by Chicago’s Dawoodi Bohra community

The Expo hosted over 70 stalls with a large variety of vendors who displayed clothes, beauty products, jewelry designers, and home décor.

Members of the community and local dignitaries at the Mashtal in Willowbrook, Illinois. Source: Courtesy

A Women Entrepreneurs Expo was conducted by the Dawoodi Bohra community of Chicago at a Masjid in the Burhani Park Complex, at Willow brook, Illinois. The “mashtal” was a two day event hosted by the Burhani Women's Association Chicago and Taalebaat ul Mumenaat - organizations comprised of women students and young adults.

“Mashtal” translates to nursery. According to the press release, the expo sought to “nurture the business ventures of Dawoodi Bohra women, enabling them to use their talents and skills to develop small-scale businesses.”

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