Carnage in Kabul and after

In the current scheme of things, there is a downside in this game of hot pursuit, not just to the United States but to all those nations who have their nationals in Afghanistan and who are bound to be used as hostages and pawns in this game of one upmanship.

Carnage in Kabul and after
US Army soldiers escort evacuees to buses at Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul, Afghanistan. source: Twitter/@DeptofDefense

The mindless violence and killings continue in Afghanistan, one the latest in the series being this week’s blasts in Kabul that killed an estimated 200 people including 13 American service personnel; and the retribution by way of drone attacks has started against a shadowy terrorist outfit called the Islamic State, Khorasan. Terrorism and counterterrorism specialists are still trying to figure out the exact origins and antecedents of this ISK, some of whom take the view that it is a branch of the Lakshar e Taiba which naturally coughs up the name of Pakistan, one of the known and acknowledged centers of global extremism and terrorism.

Source: Twitter

The Kabul carnage came at a difficult time for the Taliban as well for the group was desperately trying to put on the mask of a “reformed” outfit trying to go about the evolving scheme of things in a civilized way. In fact there are those in the Taliban who are trying their best to distance themselves from the ISK genuinely trying to convey or pretending to the best of their abilities the perpetrators of the dastardly attack on innocent civilians are not a part of an equally known barbaric bunch that has come to occupy the seat of power in that hapless Central Asian country.