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Hyderabad's effort to celebrate this Ganesh Chaturthi green

Green India Challenge has created a new seed Ganesh idol to promote a sustainable environment.

Image: Joginipally Santosh Kumar and Venkatesh Netha Borlakunta distributing Seed Ganesh idol 

Joginipally Santosh Kumar, a Rajya Sabha member, inaugurated a new project Seed Ganesha idol in Hyderabad at Next Galleria Mall as part of the Green India Challenge.

During the event, Ganesh idols were distributed along with Venkatesh Netha Borlakunta, MP; Sunil V, GoRural CEO and Upendar Nune, TNews CGM.

Santosh Kumar tweeted “Green India Challenge has been trying all the possible ways to increase the green cover in our society. As part of this, we had started giving away Seed Ganesha idols for free.”

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