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Chef Manav Tuli wins the Michelin Star

Chef Manav draws on a wealth of expertise in some of India's and London's finest kitchens, sharing his love for reproducing the flavours of his motherland in every mouthful of his cuisine.

Chef Manav Tuli. Source:
Chef Manav Tuli. Source:

Chef Manav Tuli has received a Michelin Star for his restaurant CHAAT. He is Hong Kong's second Indian chef to receive the award, the first one was the New Punjab Club.

CHAAT, which was launched during the pandemic in May 2020, is one of Hong Kong's finest restaurants, with a 2-3 month waiting list on average. The restaurant has received its first Michelin Star in the Michelin Guide Hong Kong Macau 2022, after being recognized by Michelin Inspectors for reinventing “classics from all over India with finesse and acumen.”

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