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Day's development: India wrap in 24 hours

States to offer compensation for Covid deaths, UK says problem lies in India’s vaccine certificate, Sony Pictures India to buy Zee Entertainment, AI passenger books business class cabin to fly her pet, IIT- Delhi sets up chair named after ex-education secretary

(L-R) IIT Delhi, LIC, Sony Pictures

States to offer compensation for Covid deaths: Centre

The families of those who die of Covid will receive ₹ 50,000 ($677) ex gratia from the state governments, the Centre has told the Supreme Court today. Compensation will be paid against not only for deaths that have already occurred but for future ones, too, the court was informed.

The funds will be paid by state governments sourced from their respective disaster response funds and will be channeled through the District Disaster Management Authority or the district administrations, the government said in an affidavit filed before with the Supreme Court.

India has recorded over 4.45 lakh Covid-related deaths since the pandemic broke out in January 2020.

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