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Dead chef’s paramour and hit man convicted in ‘murder for hire’ case

The paramour of a prominent San Francisco Bay Area chef, and the hit-man she hired have been convicted of murder, and will be sentenced March 9, likely to life in prison.

Renowned chef Dominic Sarkar was killed by his mistress and a hit-man for his $800,000 life insurance policies. 

An Alameda County, California jury Feb. 7 convicted the mistress of a popular San Francisco Bay Area Indian chef, and the hit-man that she hired, for murdering her lover for an $800,000 life insurance payout.

Maria Moore, 53, and Marvel Salvant, 49, were found to have colluded together to kill Dominic Sarkar late night Oct. 8, 2018, at his Fremont, California home. The pair will be sentenced March 9 on first degree murder charges with special charges of lying in wait and murder for financial gain; each faces a sentence of life in prison.

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