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Desi man spends INR1000 on ‘Chole Bhature’ abroad and instantly regrets it; goes viral

Indian netizens slam restaurant in Sweden serving a terrible chole bhature dish for INR1000. #indianfoodfail #reddit #cholebhature

The plate of Chole Bhature from the Indian restaurant in Stockholm that went viral on the internet. Source: Reddit/@pilsburyboi

Chole Bhature is one of India’s favorite comfort foods. Its popularity amongst our citizens ensures that the dish is easily available not just within India but also outside the country. The Bhatura is a fluffy yet crisp fried flatbread served with bhatura or channa masala (spicy chickpea) that is usually accompanied by onions, green chili and a slice of lemon. One can usually find this spicy and tangy dish in road-side stalls for around INR50 or should you order it at a restaurant, it can cost up to INR300.

Cravings can cause often people to make rash decisions that they might regret on hindsight. One such story comes from Sweden where an Indian man paid a whopping INR1000 for a single plate of Chole Bhature, nearly ten times its average price. What he received though, was not the popular snack but a plate full of disappointment.

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