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Emma Chamberlain draws backlash for wearing Maharajah of Patiala’s choker

The choker famously known as the “Patiala Necklace”, reappeared in London, but vanished for a while before being "purchased" by Cartier.

Source: @BrownBaddiesNFT/Twitter

Emma Chamberlain, a famous American YouTuber who allegedly wore the Maharajah of Patiala's diamond choker to the Met Gala 2022, has received a lot of backlashes online.

Emma, who was recently appointed brand ambassador of the designer jewelry brand, Cartier, wore a choker by the brand to the Met Gala held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. Netizens pointed out the neckpiece was identical to the one worn by renowned Indian Maharajah of Patiala.

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