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Future Flow calls for artists to bring diversity to India

Participants of the program will learn how to curate and produce art exhibitions from experienced professionals.

Janet Archer, CEO of Edinburgh Printmakers (EP) and Arundhati Mitter, director at Future Flow India. [Source: EP]

India and the UK collaborated and announced Future Flow, a new fellowship for young curators from both nations to develop curatorial and leadership skills through coproducing a group print exhibition reflecting on their country’s past, present and future relationships.

Future Flow will work toward a group print exhibition, initially aimed to come forward in Ahmedabad and New Delhi in spring 2023.

A painting from Edinburgh Printmakers depicts the development of India. [Source: EP]

It’s led by Edinburgh Printmakers (EP) and Flow India, a design and delivery consultant, alongside National Institute of Design in India and the University of Edinburgh, in Scotland. The project is supported by the British Council.

Demonstration of their work will push the boundaries of printmaking exploring sculptural and digital forms as well as traditional paper and textiles prints from August 2022 to August 2023.

Another painting from EP depicting the industrilisation era of India. [Source: EP]‌ ‌

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