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Germany: A 'carpe diem' for Indian students

With the university tuition fees almost zero, Germany is fast emerging as a favorite study abroad destination for Indian students

The Technical university of Berlin has a large urban campus. (Photo: Priyamvada Sahay)

When it comes to higher education, Germany seems to be the favorite destination among Indian students, and they are grabbing their chances with both hands. Like they say in the German language - carpe diem, or seize the day!

In the past decade, India has witnessed a rise in the number of students with over 70% of them opting for higher education in Germany.

The spurt in the number of Indian students going to Germany is close to five times that of the global average, with Indians forming the second-largest group of international students enrolled at German universities.

The Technical University of Berlin (German: Technische Universität Berlin), is a public research university located in Berlin (Photo: Priyamvada Sahay)

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