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Harnaaz Sandhu bags the title of Miss Universe India 2021

She is now all set to represent India in the 70th edition of the Miss Universe beauty pageant which will be held in Israel.

Source: Instagram

Harnaaz Sandhu of Chandigarh has been crowned Miss Universe India 2021 on Dec. 9, 2021. Kriti Sanon, renowned for her impeccable taste in films and acting abilities, did the honors.

“Your Sherni is back! 2 days. Woah. Feels like forever! But I’m back! Stronger and larger than life. And what better comeback post than one of the most important parts of my Miss Universe journey, my look from the Personal Interview! The interview went super smooth and I’m honored to get to speak in front of the amazingly talented and successful ALL women selection committee!”, Harnaaz shared on Instagram.

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