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Hindus in Australia organize rally in Melbourne over Udaipur, Amravati and J&K killings

Throughout the rally in Melbourne, posters featuring the names and images of other Hindu and Sikh terror victims were displayed.

Hindus in Australia organise rally in Melbourne over Udaipur, Amravati and J&K killings. Credits:

Dozens of Hindus gathered in Melbourne's Federation Square on June 3, to express their solidarity for terror victims in the aftermath of the partial beheading of Udaipur tailor Kanhaiya Lal Sahu and the murder of Amravati veterinary pharmacist Umesh Kolhe in India.

The Australian Hindu Association (AHA) organised the rally, which was attended by other Australian Hindu organisations such as the Hindu Council of Australia, Kashmiri Pandits Australia, and GHARS (Global Hindu Association for Reform and Sustainable Societies).

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