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Indian Diaspora NGO supports Save Soil

In alignment with the “Students for Soil” global initiative, Sewa will kick off a poster campaign involving the youth, amplifying their messages and designs through social media.

Sewa International, a US-based Indian Diaspora non-profit body is supporting the ongoing Save Soil movement of the eminent Indian spiritual leader Sadhguru.

Save Soil is a global initiative launched by Sadhguru to “invoke a conscious approach to soil and the planet.

Sadhguru at the United Nations in Geneva, joining the panel event “Save Soil: On Planetary and Human Well-Being”. The panelists joining Sadhguru include (left to right) Nadia Isler (Office of the Director-General, United Nations), Dr. Naoko Yamamoto (World Health Organization), and Stewart Maginnis (International Union for Conservation of Nature).

Sewa International on Tuesday (April 19) announced that its 43 chapters will be conducting soil conservation and awareness activities. They will also be involved in observing Earth Day on April 23 and are organizing a national evening webinar to unite experts and environmental leaders.

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