Indian IT worker in UK documents his alcohol addiction

"I’ve been at the bottom of the barrel," says the 48-year-old Jit Chauhan from Leicester, UK.

Indian IT worker in UK documents his alcohol addiction
Jit Chauhan from a clip in the documentary. [Source: Dr Creatives]

Jit Chauhan, a 48-year-old IT worker in Leicester, UK, has made a short documentary that details his journey through alcohol dependency and recovery. A screening of the movie is set to take place at the Guru Tegh Bahadur Gurdwara on East Park Road on June 18.

When asked about the film, Jit stated that he had been ‘thinking about making the film for a while, especially during lockdown.’

"I knew I needed to do something for the South Asian community because there are struggles there that no one wants to talk about. I wanted to get my story out because I’ve been at the bottom of the barrel but have been able to turn my life around,” he further added.

According to the British High Commission, In 2021 alone, around 65,000 skilled worker visas were issued to Indian nationals. And the community contributes largest to the UK’s growing IT job opportunities.

Jit Chauhan has now been sober for seven years. [Source: Dr Creatives]