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Indians may have to wait longer to visit EU states

Namita Chand says she cannot invite her father to Sweden to meet her because of this decision by the European Union on Covishield EU pass.

Covishield has been approved by the World Health Organization, but it is yet to be approved by the European Medicines Agency (EMA). Because of this, tourists and relatives coming from India and those hoping to visit their relatives in Europe may have to wait longer.

Photo by Adam Gavlák / Unsplash

EU members states including Sweden, France has not yet clarified what policy it will follow for people arriving from non-EU countries that have not received an EMA-accredited vaccine. This is the reason that till now the ban on travel from India has not been lifted.

Namita Chand, who is currently working in a Swedish automobile company, was overjoyed when her father’s vaccine dose was completed in India. She thought, when air travel would resume, she might soon call her father to Sweden.

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