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India’s outbound tourism sector to expand beyond 42 billion dollars by 2024: Report

According to the report, the growing economy, young population, and increasing middle class of India make it ideally poised to become one of the most lucrative outbound tourism markets in the world.

Photo by Eva Darron / Unsplash

A report by leading business consulting firm Nangia Andersen LLP in association with the Federation of Indian Commerce and Industry says that outbound trips from India will surpass US$42 billion by 2024. The report, titled “Outbound Travel and Tourism - An Opportunity Untapped”, was presented in the recently-held second edition of the Outbound Tourism Summit.

The report was concerned with the rapidly developing Indian travel market, outlining  a framework for creating a more value-for-money experience for Indian tourists and travelers. It also discussed the challenges faced by such travelers and offered recommendations for the improvement of government policies and the regulatory landscape of the Indian tourism industry.

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