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Photo Feature: Krishna-Janamashtami celebrated with fervour in Delhi

Laxminarayan Temple (Birla Mandir) in new Delhi is decorated and illuminated on the ocassion of Krishna Janamashtami celebration on Friday. August 19, 2022. Photographs Video: Rajeev Bhatt

Krishna Janmashtami was being celebrated at the ISKCON Temple,East of Kailash New Delhi on Friday, August 19,2022 .There was an influx of devotees in the ISKCON temple. Hundreds of devotees gathered to see the supernatural incarnation of Kanha,popular name of Lord Krishna.

Devotees singing bhajan and dancing while paying obeisance at the ISKCON Temple (Hare Krishna Mandir) at East of Kailash, New Delhi on the ocassion of Krishna Janamashtami celebration on Friday August 19, 2022.

Devotees with their family members and children chanted Hare Krishna Mahamantra and danced typical rituals of followers of ISKCON, in the sanctum sanctorum, a dome shaped huge hall where idols of deities are kept.

At Lakshminarayan Temple popularly known as Birla Temple in New Delhi, hundreds of devotees with their family members and children  paid their obeisance to the Lord Krishna and participated in a cultural program. Birla temple was decorated fully with Janmashtami jhanki, depiction of birth of Krishna. Marigold, rose petals, and other vibrant color flowers were used in the surroundings and rangoli using flower petals were created in the temple premises.

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