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Macquarie seeks to establish India’s biggest EV leasing and financing business

Macquarie will begin with the e-mobility financing platform for e-buses, shared fleets, and EV charging infrastructure after securing $200 million in commitments from South Korea's Green Climate Fund.

Source: Official website of Macquarie Group

Macquarie Group, one of the biggest foreign infrastructure investors in India, is in discussions with business investors to raise $205 million for the establishment of an electric vehicle (EV) lease and finance company.

Macquarie Asset Management, which has over US$773.1 billion in assets under management, would be in charge of managing the India-specific e-mobility financing platform. It will attempt to lower the initial capital outlay required for the drive toward green mobility. Macquarie and its managed funds have so far invested US$2.5 billion in India and are in charge of investments totaling 13.3 GW of green energy capacity.  

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