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Mercedes-Benz India Ltd to introduce Mercedes’ flagship EV in the country

Schwenk also explained that the company anticipates a far stronger uptake of EVs in the years 2025–30.

Photo by Cédric Streit / Unsplash

Mercedes-Benz India Ltd, the country's largest luxury automobile manufacturer, expects sales of its flagship electric vehicles (EV) to account for 15–20 percent of its overall sales by 2025–2026.

According to Martin Schwenk, Managing Director and Chief Executive of Mercedes-Benz India, the business is working on releasing the locally built variant of its flagship EQS sedan in India this October in an effort to capitalise on the surge in holiday sales. Its premium model, the S-Class, comes in an electric version called the EQS. The seven-seater family SUV EQB will come next; it is said to be imported as a completely built-up unit (CBU) within this year.

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