Message from the Editor-in-Chief

Message from the Editor-in-Chief


It is with conviction and optimism that a new step in journalism is put forward with a firm belief that it will be seeped in ethics and in a vision that keeps in mind the larger interests of the societies we all live in.

Indian Star is like a star in the galaxy that has as its accent the hopes and dreams of some 32 million Indian Diaspora scattered in all of the world’s continents literally leaving no country behind. It is a matter of high satisfaction that Overseas Indians have done well not just economically for themselves but for the societies they have come to accept as their new homeland.

Indian Star is primarily meant to keep the Diaspora informed about what is happening in India, the world and in their own neighborhoods through a digital platform hoping in the process that changes for the better will happen that will have a positive trigger effect.

Indian Star consists of ordinary individuals bonded with the single purpose of giving straight forward journalism without fear or favor and minus gossip and mischief that has somehow tainted the noble profession over the years. To a very large extent this digital outlet will be an eye opener to not only its readers and subscribers but all those in the hallways of power in international, national and state capitals who wish to draw conclusions from the reported goings on or in the columns by established commentators. Eventually the mission of the new venture is to stand by the adage

“If the Indian Star did not say it, it did not happen”, a stage that we will reach sooner rather than later. Aside from news in the traditional forms of a newspaper the platform will also feature views and columns from reputed writers who have spent long innings in journalism in India, the United States and elsewhere.

The Governing Council of this new establishment is convinced that the brand of journalism put in place by the community over the decades will have to continue for the good of the profession and the stakeholders involved.

On behalf of Indian Star I seek your good wishes and support as we launch this new effort.

Dr Sridhar Krishnaswami,




Dr. Sridhar Krishnaswami, Editor-in-Chief 

Rajeev Bhambri: CEO
Om Jha: Developer