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NRI billionaire wipes away bank loan of a poor family in Kochi

Amina met Ali during this visit and asked the accompanying squad to deposit the money in the bank and pay off the total loan amount after hearing her narrative.

Yusuff Ali, chairman and managing director of LuLu Group International, is making the rounds of the philanthropy world today. When he learned of a family's situation on Dec. 5, he performed a random act of kindness by wiping away their bank loans, totaling INR3,81,160.

Amina and her husband Syed Mohammad live in Kerala's Kochi. They had mortgaged their house and land to get a loan from the Keechery Service Co-Operative Bank to pay for their daughter's wedding. Unfortunately, Syed was diagnosed with cancer, necessitating enormous money for his treatment. As a result, they defaulted on their payments, and the bank was on the verge of seizing their home and land.

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