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One year of Biden-Harris Administration

President Biden was the first president since Reagan to get all his initial picks for the statutory cabinet confirmed, and the first president ever to have a cabinet that truly looks like America with half female and majority nonwhite members, writes Indian American tech entrepreneur Ajay Bhutoria

In 2016 Hillary lost to Trump. Like millions of Americans, I was looking for a Leader who could Lead America out of Chaos. America was in crisis on many fronts: economic, international relations, racial injustice, health care and hate crimes. Every morning, a new calamity unfolded in America. While the country was being degraded all we wanted was relief.

To get rid of Donald Trump, I believed in Joe Biden as our future President and became his staunchest supporter from day one. I recall being in Philadelphia for the Biden 2020 Campaign Kickoff, knocking on doors in -20 degrees in Iowa, and Nevada.

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