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R D Burman’s 82nd birth anniversary

Let us commemorate his birthday by listening to his songs and remembering the happy memories associated with them.

Back in the day we used to groove to songs playing on the radio. The only kind of songs that was on everyone’s lips is that of Rahul Dev Burman also known as Pancham. His songs are so timeless that different age groups enjoy his music irrespective of the generation gap, predominantly because of the influence of their parents.

R.D.Burman was born in 1939 as the only son of Sachin Dev Burman and Meera Dev Burman. His father was also a famous music director and he was a legend. Belonging to a family that is already well-known in the music industry, RD Burman had lot of pressure to live up to the expectations that came along with his family’s steezy name and fame. With purely talent and hardwork, he became equally famous as his father with his own talent and credibility and not because of his background.

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