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Russia-Ukraine War: Key Updates of the last 24 hours

India abstains from UNSC procedural vote as Operation Ganga launched in efforts to rescue every stranded Indian in Ukraine continues, with five flights having returned to the country.

Indian Nationals at the airport in Bucharest, Romania waiting to board the fourth Operation Ganga flight. Source: Twitter/@DrSJaishankar

The fifth flight under Operation Ganga carrying 249 Indian nationals fleeing war-torn Ukraine from Bucharest, Romania landed in New Delhi on Monday morning.

Operation Ganga is the title given to the evacuation mission carried out by the Indian Government to repatriate the large number of stranded Indian nationals amid the worsening crisis in Ukraine. With the airspace of the country closed to civilian flights, the evacuation operations are conducted by Indian embassies from the nations bordering Ukraine such as Hungary, Poland and Slovakia.

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