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Security Council's credibility is at stake on Afghanistan

The Security Council must send a firm message to not only the Taliban but also all its overt and covert supporters on the consequences of backing a group that simply lacks any legitimacy or compassion within Afghanistan or internationally.

With the Taliban in Afghanistan in control of about 85 per cent of the country and shifting its military strategy of besieging rural areas to an outright attack on provincial capitals coupled with increasing accounts of horrendous atrocities and barbarism, the United Nations Security Council under the leadership of India as President for the month of August has started one of its crucial deliberations in the last several years on the goings on in that hapless country. Most members including the permanent ones have hammered away at the Taliban in their opening statements but there are some holdouts who for political factors or reasons best known to themselves are maintaining a stoic silence.

PR/Ambassador of India to United Nations TS Tirumurti

Members of the Council really do not need to be reminded of the scenario unfolding in Afghanistan—that the Taliban with the backing of some is literally knocking at the doors of Kabul where the government is painfully aware of the realities and yet putting on a brave face and for obvious reasons. The United States is just days away from a complete pullout but is assisting the Afghan forces in its battles with the Taliban with massive air support forcing the fundamentalists to wreak havoc on innocents by way of vengeance. The gruesome murder of Afghanistan’s Director for Media Affairs is a case in point ostensibly “for all the things” he had done in official capacity. And there have been reports surfacing constantly that the Taliban is on an executive killing spree blatantly ignoring warnings that such acts are in violation of all international norms and even qualifying for war crimes.

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