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South Asian Americans named as Aspen Strategy Group’s Rising Leaders

Rising Leaders meet with world leaders, top government officials, members of Congress, journalists, important thinkers and practitioners in academia, policy, and industry, as well as members of the Aspen Strategy Group.

Akhil Bery and Anand Raghuraman. Source:
The selected 32 members. Source: Twitter/@AspenStrategy

The Aspen Strategy Group (ASG) recently announced its members of the Rising Leaders Program, Class of 2022, a group of 32 rising leaders including two South Asian Americans. The selected members of the yearlong class contribute to the conversation on critical foreign policy issues while honing their leadership skills.

Akhil Bery, Director of South Asia Initiatives, Asia Society Policy Institute, is a selected member to the program. He writes on Sri Lanka's continuous China-India competition and its consequences for the country's debt predicament. He is also a member of the Council on Foreign Relations as a Term Member.

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