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South Indian-American chef Priyanka Naik releases her first cookbook

Some mouth-watering recipes in the book include Bucatini à la Pumpkin with Pink Peppercorn & Pistachio, Green Chutney Quesadillas, Chili-Maple Skillet Corn Bread, Indian Home Fries with Peanuts, Bondi Blue Tea Cakes, Cardamom Sweet Tea Spritzer and a lot more.

Priyanka Nayak with her cookbook Credits — YouTube

South Indian — American chef and storyteller Priyanka Naik has released her first cookbook, “The Modern Tiffin: On-The-Go Vegan Dishes With Global Flair,” to pay homage to the food preparation tradition in the country of her roots.

The book consists of 55 delicious recipes showcasing the global vegan experience and explaining why sustainable traveling matters.

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