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Photo-Feature: Central Secretariat- Legacy of British Raj-designed by Edwin Lutyens and Herbert Baker

The secretariat buildings were built in the designs of the imposition of superiority of the white masters over the natives. Our Photo Editor explores the magnificent Architecture

The North Block -part of Central Secretariat Building, which houses offices of important Ministries of Home and Finance in New Delhi, India.

The North and South blocks situated across each other in Raisina hills area represents the commanding attitude of the national capital. Built during the British Raj (in 1931), it houses India's most important government buildings, including Rashtrapati Bhavan, the official residence of the President of India and the Secretariat building housing the Prime Minister's Office and several other important ministries.

Delhi was officially announced as the capital of British Raj by the then-Emperor George V, on Dec. 12, 1911. The capital was shifted from Kolkata as Delhi was the financial and political seat of many earlier empires and was located closer to the geographical center of India.

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