Taliban and Afghanistan at the crossroads

Whether it is in Doha, Moscow or New Delhi representatives of the Taliban have only one thing to show to the outside world: that it is no longer glued to a tragic past of the 1990s that brought forth only more misery to a people yearning for a better way of life

Taliban and Afghanistan at the crossroads
Kabul Mosque bombing. Source: Twitter

It is now two months since the turn around in Afghanistan has taken place and first indications are that the hapless Central Asian country has gone back to the dark and primitive ages in spite of all the claims and protestations made to the contrary.

The blast in southern Kandahar comes exactly a week after a similar explosion in the northern city of Kunduz

On two consecutive Fridays radicals have chosen prayer time to rip through mosques killing or wounding scores of innocents whose only fault was to offer prayers. And it does not matter to the international community that the killers belonged to the Islamic State of Khorasan; the fact is that these hoodlums have been given sanctuary and protection by the Taliban in their quest to get back power in Kabul. Now for the Taliban to wring their hands and say that it has nothing to do with the ISK is something few will accept on face value.