Lens View: Delhi’s Winter Guests The Seagulls, Arrived

The number of Siberian seagulls visiting Delhi have dwindled over the years. And they may be gone forever if we don’t clean up the Yamuna river

Lens View: Delhi’s Winter Guests The Seagulls, Arrived
Tourists feeding Siberian Seagulls in river Yamuna in New Delhi on Wednesday, November 24, 2021. Photograph: Rajeev Bhatt

Flocks of Siberian Seagulls make Yamuna and Delhi’s wetlands their home between October and March. The birds migrate 6,000 miles to escape the harsh winter in their summer nesting grounds.

Siberian Seagulls floats in river Yamuna . Photograph: Rajeev Bhatt

Every year, the birds travel thousands of miles from their breeding grounds ranging from Europe and the Caspian Sea through the Central Asian steppes to Siberia. Every year they make this pilgrimage, escaping the harsh winters of their homeland to find milder climes in India. Many stop here along the riverine systems of North India.

Boating in Yamuna river amidst flying Seagulls in Delhi. Video by: Rajeev Bhatt