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Two Indian Women receive awards from Japan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Saveena Gadhoke and Ajanuo Belho were awarded the 2021 Japanese Foreign Minister’s Commendations for their contributions towards the expansion of bilateral relations between Japan and India.

(L-R) Saveena Gadhoke, Ambassador Satoshi Suzuki, and Ajanuo Belho at the ceremony in the Japanese Embassy, holding the award certificates. Source: Twitter/EOJinIndia

Two Indians are amongst the 177 individuals and 41 groups recognized by the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the 2021 Japanese Foreign Minister’s Commendations. Madame Ajanuo Belho and Madame Saveena Gadhoke received this prestigious award from Satoshi Suzuki, the Japanese Ambassador to India in a ceremony held at the Japanese Embassy in New Delhi.

The Foreign Minister’s Commendations are awarded to individuals and groups with outstanding achievements in international fields. It is intended to acknowledge their contributions to the promotion of friendship between Japan and other countries. Both the recipients were presented with an award certificate along with a commemorative gift.

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