Ukraine war is both a foreign and domestic policy challenge

Will the returned students be able to continue their studies in India and if this is going to be at all possible under what conditions? The Centre and the State Governments together with the regulatory agencies are especially careful about saying anything knowing full well the complexities

Ukraine war is both a foreign and domestic policy challenge
"Democracies are rising to meet this moment, rallying the world to the side of peace and security. We are showing our strength — and we will not falter" (Source: Twitter / POTUS)

The war in Ukraine still makes the pages and headline news of media outlets; but no longer a continuing story of Indian students being stranded or in major harms way in that hapless country that continues to face Russian onslaught. The government in India deserves a lot of credit for bringing home the student youngsters who had gone for an education, medicine for the most part. Needless to say the evacuation of some 20,000 Indian nationals was not an easy task and New Delhi has to thank friendly foreign countries along the Ukrainian borders for facilitating a relatively smooth passage. Yes, there may have been a few shortcomings here and there but by and large it was a smooth exercise, well crafted and executed.

Chinese President Xi Jinping, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Russian Vladimir Putin (Source: Wiki Commons)

The two part challenge to the government has already begun and no one in the corridors of power seem to be under any illusion. The argument from the West, particularly the United States, is pretty much straight forward: now that your folks are out of Ukraine safely, what stops you from dumping Russia and voting against it in global forums? In fact there are several even within India who are calling for New Delhi to show that it can take on a global power status and responsibilities instead of being tied to the baggage of historical conscience. After all, the argument goes, the Indian government has just about said all that the West wants to hear, only that it has not cast its anti-Russia vote and prefers to sit on the fence.