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COVID continues to take a toll ... now North Korea

The health crisis that could undoubtedly cast a dark shadow in the immediate neighborhood and beyond but is unlikely to have any change in behavior of Chairman Kim who would continue to do things as if nothing has happened

Kim Jong Un (Source: Wiki commons)

There are some statistics that could be wished away as inconsequential; and there are a few landmarks that many in the comity of nations would rather not observe. And one of them is a pandemic that raised its ugly head in December 2019 and continues to ravage every continent. In 223 countries and territories of the world, about 6.3 million people have died and there are 521 million registered cases.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un chairs a Worker's Party meet after the Omicron outbreak (Source: KCNA)

The numbers will be much higher in any category given the lack of sophistication in data collection in some countries. Deaths in North America and Europe is said to outnumber that of Asia. The United States leads the pack with one million deaths, followed by Brazil, India and Russia.

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