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Arunboii’s ‘Enge Port’ addresses stereotyping Indians as gangsters

A video on the making of ‘Enge Port’ is also on the YouTube channel of ARUNBOii. The artist has around three lakh followers.

Arunboii, a Malaysian Indian rapper, released his musical debut titled ‘Enge Port’ in June 2021.  The music video has gained popularity on YouTube. It has obtained more than one lakh and twenty-five thousand views. The song was produced by Dato A K Thevaraja and Dharmaseelan and composed by Black Yoda. It is directed by Buddha X with D 1 Cinematography.

In this musical debut, Arunboii lists the ordeals and stigma encountered by the working class in Malaysia. He has used the medium to transform the opinion of the public on how Indians in Malaysia are portrayed as thugs.

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