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Wolverhampton gallery hosts exhibition that explores stories of South Asian migration to UK

The exhibition has on display personal items of the migrants that give an insight into their lives including a passport, prayer mat and rosary beads.

Source - Where is Home.

An exhibition telling the story of South Asian migration to the United Kingdom opened at Wolverhampton Art Gallery recently. The exhibition titled “Where is Home?” is part of the Birmingham 2022 Festival and will run till Aug.29, 2022.

Where is Home? examines the idea of home, asking what it really means and explores the migration of South Asians into UK after two major historical events. Jiten Anand, director of Inspirate, explained, “Our exhibition marks 2 major turning points in global history: the 1947 partition of India and Pakistan, and the expulsion of South Asians from Uganda in 1972.”

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