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World Sikh Organisation condems Toronto’s No-beards rule

The City of Toronto has started investigating the matter after WSO raised the issue and ensued the reinstatement of the Sikh officers.

Source- Unsplash
Source- Unsplash 

The World Sikh Organisation of Canada(WSO) strongly condemned the “no-beard” rule in Toronto which requires that all security guards on city sites be “clean shaven”. As a result of this rule over hundred Sikh security guards who maintain long beards as a tenet of their faith have lost their jobs.

In a statement the WSO demanded the immediate reinstatement of the Sikh security guards. WSO President Tejinder Singh Sidhu said, “It is completely unreasonable that Sikh security guards who served in their positions at the City of Toronto through the height of the pandemic are now being terminated, reassigned, or demoted for not being clean-shaven.”

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